ta bouche


(from mid-June)

Who remembers the Cambridge Waffle Company? Well it’s back!!!!! Starting from mid-June, Cambridge Waffle Company will be operating out of and alongside Ta Bouche. Come and choose from an extensive menu of sweet and savoury waffles including a good chunk of Vegan and Glutan free options.
There will also be plenty of shakes and mocktails to go alongside our legendary cocktail list.

CWC will be open 7 days a week serving waffles from 10am until 7pm after which Ta Bouche will continue into the early hours as one of Cambridge’s liveliest bars.

The Cambridge Waffle Company was our very own restaurant which opened in Fisher Square under the Soul Tree nightclub some 13 years ago. Since it closed, many customers have continued to beg and plead with us to bring it back. Following Vegan Vice at Ta Bouche, this has presented us with the perfect time for a much anticipated re-launch.

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Bar & Cafe Opening times:

9am to 1am Monday to Thursday
 9am to 2am Friday and Saturday
11am to 1am Sunday

Kitchen opening times:

Mid-day to 9pm every day